Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Summer Make-up Must haves. Mostly affordable drugstore MAKE-UP!

Hey everyone! So I thought I would put together my must have makeup products for the summer. Since I live in Florida the summer heat is BLAZING HOT. Therefore I try not to wear too much makeup. Nothing is worst than that icky sticky melting feeling on our face. But when I do feel like wearing makeup these are my go to products! I think they are great for the heat and doesnt leave me with that gross ticky icky feeling!

First and foremost my morning moisturizer.
Clean & Clear morning glow moisturizer.
SPF 15

Garnier BB Cream
Gives me the coverage I need but still feels light on my skin, basically its my "tinted moisturizer"
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Perfect for my Oily Skin and to set the BB Cream
Urban Decay Setting Spray
This bottle works wonders! Perfect for Oily skin and it gives my that perfect Dewy look that last all day!
original price $29
For the eyes I usually go with a simple bronze shimmering look. Perfect for summer to give you that bohemian summer makeup look. I probably would use every shimmer color in the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette to achieve that Bohemian look that I always go for during summer.

The wand on this Mascara works great and probablu coats every single eyelashes!
I also think its perfect for bottom lashes
Go to Lip products for the summer!
First is this Elf lipgloss for $1
I love the minty smell and I love the minty feeling it gives my lips!
This one is in Baby Lips
Can't go wrong for $1
Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy
There was a lot of hype when this first came out. But out of all the ones I have tried this was probably the only one I liked. It kept my lips moisturized throught the day and I think the color is soooo pretty for Summer
Lastly to give my fave a little color
Nyx Stick Blush
Love everything about this, especially the packaging!
Color 03 Hibiscus
Thanks for Reading!

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