Friday, August 6, 2010


Ok, so I finally ran out of my Bare Minerals foundation :( I'm a bargain shopper so I usually try to stick to drugstore products as much as possible.But when it comes to foundation I am willing to spend that extra penny. Last week I've been trying out my sister Amanda MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation and I loved it!!! She kept hiding it from so I won't steal it from her. However I wasn't planning on robbing her since she's like a shade lighter than me. So I thought about it and came to the conclusion I will probably spend more on searching for a foundation that I will like than buying the MAC foundation itself for 29.50. So yesterday I purchased my first MAC foundation in NC45. I have yet to try it myself but the sales person did put it on half of my face. I've been busy after work so I didn't get to play with it today. But as soon as am off at 3:30 it's on baby!


This Foundation is a must have! I didn't get to take my time and apply this foundation properly because my makeup brush were still drying. I had to apply it with a sponge but so far I absolutely love it. It matched my skin color so well and I don't even feel like I have it on. I topped it off with my bare mineral veil to set the foundation. Can't wait to see how it treats me throughout the rest of the day!